Project beyond limits

project beyond limits



Ook dit jaar is Project U/TURN geselecteerd als goed doel voor de Warmste Week van Studio Brussel. En daar hoort natuurlijk een gepaste actie bij. Drie U/TURN’ers staken de koppen bij elkaar en introduceerden een…

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project beyond limits

New destinations


PROJECT U/TURN trekt er op uit: we gaan op zoek naar nieuwe U/TURN-bestemmingen. 

We hebben jullie beloofd om elk jaar ons aanbod aan te vullen met nieuwe reizen. Dus gaan we op zoek naar nieuwe…

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Chile 2016

Tenerife October 2015

U-TURN beyond limits

Nicaragua 2013

Morocco September 2015

Morocco 2014

Tenerife & La Gomera 2016

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"Beyond the Border", a widely watched TV program on one!

Ten people, ten restrictions, one story. The participants made a tough trek across Nicaragua. The tour obliged them to go, both physically and mentally "beyond their own borders." They went all ten to the extreme and came one by one stronger. The journey made them aware that nothing is really impossible.

The very positive impact it had on this trip, the participants were disproportionate and unexpected.

PROJECT U / TURN, a new project especially for people with disabilities. The name U / TURN stands for daring to change your life invert, it's about 'against the grain' go, even on 'acceptance'.

"Beyond the Border" Among other proven that people with such an adventurous journey to better cope with their disability. U / TURN wants people to realize that a physical disability should not limit their lives. Moreover, traveling with PROJECT U / TURN just pure fun!

We wish family, friends or acquaintances of disabled people the opportunity to get together again on a journey together in search of adventure. An experience they thought she could never live together.

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Julie Dierckx

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Project beyond limits